From colourful landscapes to bountiful food harvests, autumn in Europe is gorgeous. When the weather is mild plus the cities are bustling, there’s plenty to enjoy on the continent. If you’re considering an off-peak trip, here are 10 places to visit in Europe this fall, that begins on 23 September 2022 and ends on 21 December 2022.

  1. Bavaria, Germany

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Bavaria Germany

When it comes to Germany, of course we know they are having famous cars and machinery, but you may not know that Germany also has the most romantic and absolutely poetic autumn colours. The Bavarian Black Forest in southern Germany extends all the way to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Füssen, being the most beautiful mountainous region in Germany. The splendid view of the snow-white Neuschwanstein Castle, which stands right in front of you as you travel through the mountain valley by horse-drawn carriage, is simply stunning. Bamberg on the other side, with its gorgeous religious style and superb artistic display, is also a must-visit town in autumn, full of sacred churches and undulating quiet streets that make Bamberg feel like a paradise in Germany.

Things to do: Sightseeing, stroll inside the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle, have an Oktoberfest in Munich, Enjoy the famous Sausage with a cool beer in autumn, Have a walk at Staffelsee.

Ideal For: Families, Friends, Couple

  1. Tuscany, Italy

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Village Tuscany Italy

Autumn in Tuscany is indeed the time to experience the most beautiful scenery and the joy of harvest. Whether it is the historic vineyards, the delicious meals or the elegant golf courses, Tuscany in autumn will not disappoint you. Mystical Tuscany is said to be the closest place on earth to heaven. Rolling hills, wavy cultivated fields, and tall loblolly pines are the hallmarks of this place. In this beautiful field, there are many unique species. The hills are covered with branches and leaves, and in the fall the top layers of the mountain look as in dyed! It will be a magical moment to witness the red roofs of the villages and towns seen under the smoke of the hills.

Things to do: Explore the hilltop towns in Eastern Tuscany, Follow the scent of chest nut, Hiking in the Casentino National Park, Go Truffle Hunting, Have a Photograph at Chianti region, take a relaxing bath at Saturnia Hot Springs.

Ideal For: Couple, Familiy

  1. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the centre state of Spain, both politically and geographically. The blazing sunshine of the southern European highlands gives Madrid a fiery temperament, perhaps not quite elegant, but a hot-eyed look that puts it on par with any other European capital. Madrid is also full of culture, with a wide range of artistic activities and a vibrant nightlife that makes it famous. Visit the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Art Museum, take a walk in the Ritz Park and enjoy the beauty of the autumn leaves, or stroll through the streets of Madrid and admire the beautiful architecture with its distinctive style. Are you excited?

Things to do: Visit Parque del Buen Retiro, Visit the Prado Museum and the Reina Sofia Art Museum, take a walk in the Ritz Park, Visit El Rastro flea market.

Ideal For: Couple, Friends.

  1. Prague, Czech Republic

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Prague Czech Republic

Riddled with small rivers and steep hills, Prague is a gorgeous city that’s often pictured as a fairy-tale land. Prague is a goldmine for history, culture, and all things old-school Europe. Strolling along the medieval European Charles Bridge, the deciduous trees on both sides of the street fade to sunset orange. Sitting on the banks of the Vltava river, Prague is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world to be experienced on autumn.

Things to do: Enjoy great view of Prague Castle in autumn from along the Vitava River, Visit Charles Bridge in sunset, Explore Retna Park.

Ideal For: Families and Friends

  1. Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds are famous for their picturesque countryside, and the Cotswolds are the epitome of that. In autumn, the Cotswolds is a place where the fields and forests are still green, but the paths are covered in red and gold leaves, and the golden houses are set amidst the steep hills. The shallow, narrow Windrush River meanders around the town, and fishes can be seen swimming in the crystal-clear turquoise water. The river flows slowly from an old stone bridge in the centre of town which is around 200 years old, and the lush trees on both sides of the river bring a strong autumnal feeling. Hiding a hundred-year-old stone house decorated with colourful flowers. Whether it’s a stroll or a coffee on the corner, it’s a great way to relax.

Things to do: See autumn colours at an Arboretum, Visit the Royal Garden at Highgrove, Stargazing at High Spot (Cleeve Common, Painswick Beacon, & Tyndale Monument), Have a Chocolate Drink in Stow-on-the-Wold, Visit the heritage structure in Cotswolds.

Ideal For: Families

  1. Alsace, France

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Alsace France

Alsace is recognized as one of the world’s best white wine regions. Alsace in autumn is like entering a world of beauty and freshness, with calmness and elegance you have never experienced before, unfolding before your eyes. In such a world, it is natural to be unaware of the worries of the world. The Alsace Wine Route follows the foothills of the Vosges Mountains, climbing over the mountains and across the valleys, stretching over 170 kilometres. Old chalets, Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals, and small, well-preserved medieval villages are linked by a picturesque chain of vineyards. The breeze, the green waves, the bunches of crystal-clear grapes with a light fragrance, the charm of Alsace is more unforgettable than the hustle and bustle of the city.

Things to do: Walk around the postcard perfect petite France, explore the historic wine trails of Alsace, Go hiking in the North Vosges Regional Natural Reserve.

Ideal For: Couple, Families.

  1. The Magical Alps, Switzerland

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Magical Alps Switzerland

If you wonder if places as in fairy tales exist in this world then you should probably visit The Magical Alps in Switzerland. For natural enthusiasts, autumn in the Alps mountain will be another memorable experience to them, autumn is a wonderful time to hike in Switzerland, during autumn is crisp weather with beautiful fall colours that cover the whole mountain, it’s showing a wonderful golden image that will give you whole new understanding about the beauty of nature. With the extraordinary view in Switzerland, you can climb the mountains, walk across Alpine pastures, and go for a swim in an Alpine lake by using your heart & soul to feel the natural power of this magical Alps.

Things to do: Enjoy spectacular views in Zermatt, get a wonderful experience in Vaud, have a view at Schilthorn – Piz Gloria, ride on a panoramic train, Try yoga or wellness on the Lucerna Riviera.

Ideal For: Couple & Friends

  1. Hallstatt, Austria

There are many picturesque places in Europe, but if you want to do a ranking, Austria is definitely in the top three, where the stunning natural scenery is enough to make you fall in love with this magical country. Hallstatt is located in the Alps, an old Austrian town surrounded by lakes and mountains, known as Europe’s most beautiful town and the owner of the world’s most beautiful lake”. This lakeside town, standing between the treacherous slopes and the emerald lakes, is known for its beautiful natural scenery, just like a postcard from heaven. Especially in autumn, the forests are even more beautiful with Lake Hallstatt’s crystal-clear bottom and the beautiful wooden houses built near the lake like a fairy tale.

Things to do: Visit the traditional Baroque Architecture at Kalvarienberg Church, visit in Lake Hallstatt, explore Dachstein Giant Ice Cave, visit the world’s oldest salt mine in Hallstatt, See over Austria to Slovenia at Dachstein Skywalk.

Ideal For: Couple & Families

  1. Hraunfossar Waterfall, Borgarfjörður, Iceland

One of Iceland’s unique waterfalls is Hraunfossar, which means “lava waterfall”. They are a series of small waterfalls formed by the flow of solidified lava into the Hvítá River. It is an unusual natural phenomenon, and with an eye for autumn colors, it is a spectacular sight. Visitors can park their cars on the parking lot and enjoy the panoramic view of the Hraunfossar Waterfall and the Hvítá River.

Things to do: Have a summer self-drive road trip, discover the Golden Circle, Ice Cave tours, Snaefellsnes tours, participate in the annual sheep rounds up, look for the northern light, Visit the hidden underworld in Raufarholshellir.

Ideal For: Couple and friends

  1. Lake Bled, Slovenia

10 places to visit this autumn 2022 in Europe Island on Lake Bled Slovenia

Lake Bled is a famous tourist destination in Slovenia. It is located northwest of Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana. The southern foot of the Alps is 2,000 meters long and 1,000 meters wide small lake. The lake formed by the melting of snow from the Alps. So, the natives call it the ”Ice Lake” and the ”tears” of the Alps. The sapphire beauty of the blue water will be a breath-taking view compared to other lakes! The lakeside trees are lush, and the sun’s rays hitting the crystal water brings the colourful scenery of autumn. With castles towering on the cliffs of the lake shore and churches on the islands in the lake, it is a picturesque landscape.

Things to do: A walk around Lake Bled, rent a boat and row to the island of bed, stroll at the Vintgar Gorge, Visit Ribno Village, have a nice sweat activity surrounded by autumn atmosphere.

Ideal For: Couple, Families and Friends.

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Spring, summer, autumn or winter – no matter which time of the year you’re visiting, you’re guaranteed to be enthralled by one of Hong Kong’s many vibrant festivities: ancient Chinese cultural celebrations and international sporting events with the world’s finest athletes; summer activities spread all across the city and a winter wonderland of Christmas spirit followed by New Year’s fireworks. Follow this roundup of the top happenings in Hong Kong and join in the fun.


Chinese New Year

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB CNY 01 scaled

Chinese New Year is a highlight of the Hong Kong calendar. Symbolising prosperity and unity, while invoking good fortune for the year ahead, the spring festival is cherished and celebrated by locals across the city as they exchange blessings and good wishes. You’re in for a treat if your visit falls over Chinese New Year, as the entire city gets taken over by a festive energy. Watch lion dances on busy streets, shop for auspicious foods at stores decked out in red and pray for good fortune at incense-filled temples. It all leads up to a wonderful parade of floats and performances, before a stunning fireworks display across the harbour.


Arts Month

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Arts month 01 scaled

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Arts month 02 scaled

Hong Kong Arts Month takes place every March, this 31-day journey sees local and overseas artists converging to bring about inspiring programmes across the city. Get cultured and enjoy an array of different events during Arts Month. Catch a live performance during the Arts Festival, with international names flocking to the city to showcase their talents. Head down to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and see the renowned Art Basel, where the world’s greatest artists showcase their worlds. Or take part in the many other smaller events that make up the creative month.


Sporting Glory

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB HK Marathon

Whatever the time of the year, you’ll be able to see a slice of sporting glory. Spring sees the height of the season, kicking off with the Hong Kong Marathon followed by the thrilling Rugby Sevens. Here during summer or autumn? Catch the indoor Volleyball Open and Squash Open. An autumn is the ideal time to take part in the city’s historic Harbour Race.


Hong Kong Cultural Celebrations

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Cheung Chau Bun scaled

Celebrate Hong Kong’s diverse culture and enjoy traditional festive activities during the city’s Cultural Celebrations. Spring time visitors are treated to four major local festivities in a row: see locals scrambling up a tower of buns at the Cheung Chau Bun Festivals, or catch the many lion dances during Tin Hau’s birthday. Journey to the Big Buddha on the deity’s birthday, or pray for good fortune during Tam Kung’s celebration.


Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Dragon Boat Carnival scaled

Taking place on the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month, normally in May or June in our calendar, this event goes as far back as the 3rd century and is most well-known for its energetic and colorful dragon boat races, where teams of paddlers race the long narrow boats accompanied by the beat of the drum down to the finish line. Watch athletes from around the world battle it out in an ancient Chinese sport and take part in the city-wide festivities during the summer’s Dragon Boat Carnival. Get caught up in the action as the world’s rowers clash against the backdrop of the skyline. And take a break from it all at BeerFest, where fans enjoy live performances and a tipple or two, and relax against the harbour.


Hong Kong Summer Fun

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB HKSF

True to its name, the Hong Kong Summer Fun “Shop.Eat.Play” (HKSF) campaign delighted even the most discerning visitors with all the amazing surprises one could ask for in a holiday. Visitors were treated to a range of attractive packages, lucky draws and citywide rewards. Beat the heat and join in with an array of exciting activities, with Hong Kong Summer Fun. From musicals to food festivals, major sporting events to computer expos, there’s something for every visitor.


Hungry Ghost Festival

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Hungry Ghost

According to traditional Chinese belief, the seventh month in the lunar calendar is when restless spirits roam the earth and the living celebrate Yu Lan or the Hungry Ghost Festival. While the festival’s origins are not unlike those of Halloween in Europe, it is also intrinsically linked to the Chinese practise of ancestor worship. A celebration of the culture, the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community’s Yu Lan Ghost Festival is on China’s national list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. For visitor, it’s a perfect opportunity to see some of the city’s living culture in action. There will also be Chinese opera performances around town, usually held on temporary bamboo stages, to praise the charitable and pious deeds of the deities.


Mid-Autumn Festival

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance scaled

As the round shape symbolises unity in Chinese culture, the full moon marks the perfect time for families to get together, which is how Mid-Autumn Festival has been celebrated since the early Tang dynasty (618–907). To many, this is considered to be one of the most important festivals of the year. Highly urbanised Hong Kong still celebrates this holiday and does so in style, with a vast variety of mooncakes made with everything from salted egg yolk to ice cream. For those looking for a visual extravaganza, head to Tai Hang for the spectacular fire dragon dance, and keep an eye out for lantern displays around the city.


Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Wine Dine scaled

Eat, drink and be merry at Hong Kong’s annual Wine & Dine Festival, usually takes place towards the end of the year. A month-long culinary event set across the city, you can indulge in testing events, wine tours and other gastronomic delights. The highlight is the weekend outdoor fest: head down to the harbour front, grab a glass of wine, snack on fine treats and take in the sights, sounds and flavors of the vibrant city.



Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Halloween 01

Throw on a costume and hit Hong Kong’s haunting streets as the city celebrates Halloween. For a classical local approach to the festival, visit one of the city’s theme parks, where you’ll find Chinese ghost-story attractions. Or, head down to a bar district such as Lan Kwai Fong, and join thousands of costumed fans as they find the lighter side to the dark night.


Hong Kong Winterfest

Hong Kong most popular festivals and events HKTB Winterfest scaled

Celebrate Christmas in style and experience New Year’s like never before during Hong Kong Winterfest. Take in the yuletide spirit with festive foods, seasonal celebrations and other delights. And when New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can count down the seconds with the crowds at Times Square, before an unprecedented fireworks display lights up the harbour. Enjoy ‘A Symphony of Lights’, which illuminates the skyline every evening.


Source: Copyright from Discover Hong Kong A Traveller’s Guide, Hong Kong Tourism Board.

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When it comes to shopping, nothing beats Hong Kong! For sheer of variety, quality and trendiness, Asia’s world city is a truly a shopper’s paradise. No matter if you’re looking for the latest fashions, luxurious jewellery, electronic gadgets or even Chinese antiques, you can find almost everything you ever wanted in one of Hong Kong’s shopping malls or department stores. What’s more, Hong Kong unique market-places, themed streets and open markets are where you can find all sorts of shopping surprises. So take advantage of Hong Kong’s tax free status and experience the shopping spree of a lifetime in Asia’s world city.

Hong Kong’s leader shopping Mall – Harbour City

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise canton road

Located in the heart of Hong Kong and next to Victoria Harbour, Harbour City is a leading shopping mall in Hong Kong housing 450 shops of all kinds, more than 50 food & beverage outlets, 3 hotels, 2 cinemas and an art gallery. In addition to the 15 international fashion flagship stores on Canton Road and many other leading luxury brands, the mall also have Michelin-recommended restaurants, ensuring visitors from all over the world enjoy an incredible one-stop shopping, dining and entertainment experience.

Address: 3-27, Canton Road, Tsin Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Fashion & Cosmetics

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP PDT CLP 0089

Savvy shoppers know that if it’s fashion and beauty items they’re after, then a stop in Hong Kong is a must. This compact destination is a shopper’s dream filled with swank and trendy outlets featuring cosmetics from international brands as well as clothes from local designers. So get your list of must-have items out now and get shopping. The prices are unbeatable!

Jewellery & Watches

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP PDT WHP 0030 scaled

Looking for jewellery, gold, and other luxurious accessories? From a simple gem pendent to an elegant diamond necklace and top-brands to casual sports watches, Hong Kong boasts a wide range of luxury products to suit all budgets and tastes. Excellent quality is one of the main reasons why visitors like shopping in Asia’s world city.


Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP PDT COP 0020

Looking for the latest hot smart phone, digital video camera or tablet from leading brands from around the world at unbeatable prices? Look no further than Hong Kong where the city’s malls and streets dedicated to all things digital will surely tickle the fancy of technology buffs with all manner of new digital products on offer including the latest cutting-edge computer hardware and software, audiovisual products and home theatre systems.

Traditional Chinese Goods

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP LCN CAT 0025 scaled

There is no better way to remember your trip of a lifetime to Asia’s world city than to treat yourself to a souvenir or memento of your visit. Whether it be a box of Chinese tea, purchasing an antique, Chinese handicrafts or even dried seafood, traditional Chinese products make an excellent gift item. Finding such gifts is easy in Hong Kong and shopping for that special gift is always fun.

Open-air Markets / Theme Shopping Streets

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP PDT ANP 0060

Adventurous travellers can head straight for those funky markets and theme shopping streets that can best illustrate Hong Kong’s living culture. Each of these markets and streets has its own charm an contains hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. We’ve highlighted which products you’ll find in each of the places listed below to help you along on your shopping spree. Happy shopping!

Apliu Street Flea Market (Sham Sui Po)

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP LCN CAT 0032 Edited scaled

Apliu Street is well known for selling bargain-priced new and second-hand electrical devices and electronic products, A/V equipment and tele-communications products, Sharp-eyed shoppers can also find good deals in antique watches, old coins and other relics. Apliu Street Flea Market stalls trade daily between noon and night-time.

Bird Garden / Flower Market / Goldfish Market (Mong Kok)

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise FCE CFD WET 0030

The charming Chinese-style garden and Yuen Po Street includes some 70 songbird stalls as well as courtyards and moon gates. Look and listen, but it’s wise to avoid contact with the birds. The colourful Flower Market sells everything from Dutch tulips to exotic orchids. The Goldfish Market on nearby Tung Choi Street sells aquariums, corals and exotic fish.

Ladies’ Market (Mong Kok)

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise ladies market HKG

Ladies’ Market in Tung Choi Street is the place for bags, accessories and the inexpensive women’s clothing. Men’s and children’s clothing and toys are also on sale.

Temple Street Night Market 

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise ATT MKT TEM 0081 scaled

Temple Street Night Market opens early, but really comes alive after sunset. It offers an amazing range of inexpensive items, especially for men. That’s why it is also called ‘Men’s Street’. There are also fortune-tellers and impromptu Chinese opera performances.

Jade Market and Jade Street (Yau Ma Tei)

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP LCN CAT 0024 scaled

The Jade Market, located in Yau Ma Tei at the junction of Kansu and Battery streets, features 400 stalls selling jade of all types, shapes, sizes and prices. Nearby is Jade Street, located on Canton Road between Kansu Street and Jordan Road. A giant jade stone weighing three tons has been placed at the junction of Canton Road and Jordan Road as a landmark.

Stanley Market / Murray House (Stanley)

Hong Kong: A Shopping Paradise SHP PDT DIY 0006 Edited scaled

Stanley is world famous for its relaxed ambience, sea environs and bargain buys in the Main Street market. Murray House, an 1846 colonial building originally located in Central, was dismantled and restored in Stanley in 1998. It now contains a variety of restaurants featuring international array of cuisines.


Source: Hong Kong A Traveller’s Guide, Hong Kong Tourism Board

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