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Corporate Travel Department (CTD) is a division of Corporate Information Travel Sdn Bhd.

Flights, Travel deals holidays for corporate and leisure travel, emphasis on service quality and customer care

A leader in corporate travel management services, Corporate Information Travel (CIT) specializes in a range of corporate travel solutions to cater to companies of every size. Contact us to plan your corporate airline reservations and ticketing needs, hotel and ground arrangements and individual or group travel insurance. We have a dedicated corporate events team able to handle all your meetings and incentive requirements as well as corporate events from products launches to local and international conferences. Contacts our friendly trade fair and exhibitions team to plan your delegation for any upcoming international industry related.

Corporate Travel - Test Visa Corporate Travel

Terms and Conditions

  1. The “Savings up to 20% for individuals tickets for selected airlines” are subject to availability on the right booking class on dates and flights selected by the cardholders
  2. The complimentary travel insurance is only applicable for:
No.  Travel Item paid with Visa corporate credit card Minimum Spend Complimentary
a. Domestic Ticket Not required  5 days Domestic Travel Insurance
b. Domestic Hotel Not required  5 days Domestic Travel Insurance
c. International Ticket RM2000 & Below  5 days International Travel Insurance
d. International Ticket RM2000 & Above  5 days International Travel Insurance + RM200 hotel voucher*

*The hotel voucher must be redeemed using the same travelling dates as the ticket issuance date. The hotel voucher is not transferable, and cannot be kept for future use/redemption. If the hotel value redeemed is less than RM200, the difference will not be refunded in cash, and any excess of hotel charges must be swiped back to the same Visa corporate credit card used to settle the issuance of international air-ticket.


  • China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Excluding Mongolia (inner and outer)
  • Brunei, Cambodia, India, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Maldives, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka;
  • Including all countries listed in C1
  • Australia, Mauritius, Mongolia (inner and outer), Nauru and Uzbekistan;
  • Europe;
  • Middle East (excluding Iraq, Palestine and Yemen);
  • Including all countries listed in C1 and C2
  • Worldwide (including Canada, Iraq, Nepal, Palestine, Tibet, United States of America and Yemen);
  • Including all countries listed in all other clusters
  • Malaysia, beyond 50KM from place of residence or business Zero service fee for the first month is for New to CIT client. There should be no purchase record/history with CIT.
  1. Zero service fee for the first month is for New to CIT client. There should be no purchase record/history with CIT.
  2. The complimentary air-ticket upgrade from Economy to Business class on any ASEAN route on Malaysia Airlines is redeemable by the corporate after their first purchase with CIT. Per corporate is allowed one upgrade only within one year, subject to availability of upgrade booking class. If the request for upgrade is not available on the requested date, alternative upgrade date and flight options will be offered to the cardholder.
  3. For the Annual Cash Back, the following terms and conditions would be applicable:
    a. The accumulation of the annual travel expenditure is on per company level. Annual expenditure is calculated based on 12 months from the first invoice issued by CIT to the cardholder.
    b. The redemption is capped to one per company per year.
    c. The cashback reward is in the form of electronic Travel Gift Voucher.
Total 12 months swiped in CIT  Cashback reward in the form of Travel Gift Voucher
RM350,000 – RM599,999 RM2,500
RM600,000 – RM849,999 RM5,000
RM850,000 – RM1,099,999 RM7,500
RM1,100,000 RM10,000

Corporate Booking Tools Platform & Apps

Our Proprietary Platform with Portal & Mobile App

Corporate Travel - Test corporate booking tools multi platform

Corporate Travel - Test Traveller Profile

Traveller Profile

Corporate Travel - Test Online Booking

Online Booking

Corporate Travel - Test Traveller Safety

Traveller Safety

Corporate Travel - Test Report Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Corporate Travel - Test Data Security

Data Security

Benefits of Direct Connect (NDC)

Corporate Travel - Test Benefits of Direct Connect

Enhancing Corporate Responsibility

Duty of Care Ensure Business Continuity Minimize Financial Risk
Corporate Travel - Test Duty of Care

  • Traveller, Employee, Family
  • Employee welfare and satisfaction


Corporate Travel - Test Ensure Business Continuity

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
Corporate Travel - Test Minimize Financial Risk

  • Loss of profits / Revenue
  • Avoid legal ramifications (e.g travel accidents)

Managing Travel Risks – Pre Trip

Corporate Travel - Test Managing Travel Risks Pre Trip

Managing Travel Risks – On Trip

Corporate Travel - Test Managing Travel Risks On Trip

Data Security

Corporate Travel - Test

Benefits to each department

Corporate Travel - Test corporate booking tools app


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Online & offline booking

True fare assurance

Trip management

Profile management

Risk management

Traveller safety

Policy enforcement

Approval tracking

Compliance audit

Invoice reconciliation

Data analytics

Supplier consolidation

We help companies make the most of what they spend on travel

Virtual Card Payment Solution

CIT launched a Visa-powered virtual card payment globally via the Conferma Pay App.

Employees can now make virtual-card payments with a tap on their phones, using the Conferma Pay app to provision a virtual commercial card to their phone’s digital wallet.

Conferma Pay’s mobile app captures total spend in a single record (eliminating the need for receipts and expense reports), which, transmitted to the card program manager, offers transparency into individual member spend. 

This solution is now available globally to Visa’s commercial bank clients, enabling employees to use their virtual cards to pay wherever contactless payments are accepted via tap to pay.

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For travelers, this means keeping them safe and productive, and equipping them to make good choices on the road.

For travel and procurement managers, it means advising them on how to grow the value of their business travel program.

For executives, we ensure that the corporate travel program supports company objectives.

    Visa Application

    Corporate Travel - Test Visa Application
    A dedicated Visa Specialist will manage the entire process from start to finish, providing the expertise necessary to ensure your request is attended as quickly as possible.

    Visa Corporate Travel Solutions

    Corporate Travel - Test VISA Corporate Travel Solutions
    Save when you spend with your Visa Commercial cards.  Complimentary per trip travel insurance, preferential fares, travel management reporting, Annual Bonus are among the benefits for using Visa cards with us.

    Travel expense report

    Corporate Travel - Test TravelExpensesReport 01
    With consolidated travel report from us, you can be assured of total transparency when it comes to your total annual travel expenditure. Report can be customised upon request.

    Comprehensive Travel Insurance

    Corporate Travel - Test Travel Insurance
    We offer per trip or Annual Plan comprehensive travel insurance.  Different coverages are offered subject to your selection of plan and your frequently flown destinations.

    Crisis management

    Corporate Travel - Test CrisisManagement
    With our proven track record and extensive experience in corporate travel management, CIT understands the crucial importance of risk management when managing our clients’ business travel plans.
    We have developed comprehensive oversight to handle possible risk incidents and scenarios, ensuring that we can provide a prompt response to our clients at times of crisis and help minimise possible disruptions to their travel plans.

    Duty of Care

    One stop travel services
    We can help with putting a duty of care plan together or ensuring the one you have in place remains best practice, including the latest travel tools. Key to a successful programme is having endorsement from senior management and ensuring clear, regular and relevant communication to all employees at every stage of their journey.

    Business continuity planning

    Corporate Travel - Test Business continuity planning 01

    Whether a company has invested a lot or a little in its business continuity plan (BCP), it shows when a crisis or disruption transpires. In times of crisis, we  work to ensure that practiced procedures are in place to protect the company so that they are able to respond, reset, and rebound more effectively.

    After-office hours assistance

    Corporate Travel - Test After office hours assistance 1
    Our after-hours assistance is manned by our own internal team and not outsourced to third party call centre.  Requirements are well taken care of without having to repeat preferences/ travel policy whenever a change is required during non – office hours.

    Executive leisure travel services

    Executive leisure travel services
    An experienced team of leisure travel consultants ever ready to assist the business travellers should you wish to extend your business trips and make it as Bleisure (Business & Leisure) trip with your friends/ family alike!  Fixed itineraries are available or a request for tailor-made experiences can be ordered.

    Dedicated Service/ Account Management

    Corporate Travel - Test account management

    With dedicated services team, client need not repeat their travel requirements whenever a travel request is made.  Account management team will also be in touch with client at least quarterly to assess on service level and ensure the total corporate travel solution provided are seamless.

    Domestic & International Corporate Fares

    Corporate Travel - Test Domestic International Fare

    Negotiation of corporate fares available to corporate clients who can meet minimum annual spent as required by airlines.  Fixed discounts throughout the year, priority wait list are some of the benefits of having your own corporate fares!

    Corporate Travel Policy Compliance

    Corporate Travel - Test architecture blue building

    We act as an extension travel arm for our clients to ensure that each travel arrangement is made and purchased with total transparency and ensure compliance of client’s travel policy.