Thinking of postponing or cancelling your Gala Dinner? Have you considered a Virtual Gala?

Given the rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual events are on the rise and a great way to ensure your mission stays visible.

CIT is ready to guide you through the process to create a Virtual Gala that is entertaining and engaging.

Not limited by location – set up from anywhere and any time
A virtual gala can be an awards recognition, a product / brand launch or a charity fundraising event where guests participate through the internet instead of the classic face-to-face experience.


Live or pre-recorded presentations or entertainment
There is a lot of flexibility with hosting a Virtual Gala. Virtual Gala can be live or pre-recorded to give better comfort and confidence to the presenter with given advantage of NG and retake.


Your stage is as creative as you desire it to be
Stage design is no longer restricted to venue guideline and stage size. The sky is the limit for creativity. From printed backdrop to advanced green screen 3D effects.


Reaching a wider local market or global audience
Virtual Gala can be pre-recorded or live via a web conferencing platform or social media channels. Enhance social media presence by driving your guest to Facebook page or YouTube Channel. Thus, your audience has the flexibility to experience your brand and products from anywhere either locally or globally.


Guests attend from the comfort of wherever they might be
With the new trend of working remotely, you can simply host a Virtual Event that your guest can view from home or anywhere at their comfort.


Live streaming chat or live polling to build audience engagement
Capture instant feedback and maximize attendee engagement through live polling. Get instant result from your guest for the TOP choices of next incentive trip destination.


Remote Simultaneous Interpretation in other languages
When you target to reach a global market with multiple languages, a simultaneous interpretation system can be easily incorporated to the event. Reaching out to global market effectively.


Virtual Gala can be recorded to watch on-demand at your convenience
No worries for guest who misses the “live” Virtual Gala as it can be recorded to watch on-demand at their convenience.


Virtual Event Demo Video

Please click play to view our demo video: