Explore the Arabia

Saudi has opened its doors to tourists. From castles and craters to deserts and beaches, Saudi is rich in diverse landscapes. Get ready to experience awe-inspiring natural phenomena and picturesque spots in Saudi.


Welcome to Saudi destinations sta riyadh

Capital city of Saudi. Buzzing metropolis with vibrant souqs, brilliant skyscrapers and fascinating museums. Beneath this shiny new façade found the fascinating centuries old histories. The beautiful capital is so modernized with its support for art and culture.


Welcome to Saudi destinations sta diriyah

A historical destination filled with thrilling discovery and wonder for explorers travelling from far and near. As the birth place of the kingdom, Diriyah offers UNESCO listed sites, Museums holding thousand years of history and many more as a symbol of beauty, generosity, and resilience of the Saudi nation and its people.


Welcome to Saudi destinations sta old city jeddah

Lies along the Red Sea, the second-largest city of Saudi is now known for its perfect blend of old and modern days.  From the magnificent Old Jeddah, Al Balad which is one of the Kingdom’s most evocative quarters, with narrow alleyways between ancient houses to the gleaming, modern architecture, Jeddah has the best of both worlds.


Welcome to Saudi destinations sta hegra al ula

One of the oldest cities in the Arabian Peninsula and home to Hegra, Saudi’s first UNESCO World Heritage site. The well-preserved monuments found here are living museum spanning hundreds of years of Arabian history.  Each of the carved wondrous tombs are from around 2nd century BCE until 106 CE giving you plenty of space and time for reflection with its beautiful desert landscapes.

Makkah (Mecca)

Welcome to Saudi destinations sta mecca

This is the holiest city for Islam, the birthplace of Prophet Muhammad and the city where Quran was first revealed to him. The city also hosts brilliant places such as museums and landmarks dates back to some of the most pivotal moments of Islam’s earliest days to complement your understandings of the region and faith itself.

KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City)

Welcome to Saudi destinations sta KAEC

Located 100 kilometers north of Jeddah along the coast of the Red Sea, is a modern metropolis and booming tourist destination. Though it was conceived of in 2005 to attract international business, leisure is also a big part of KAEC’s appeal. International tournaments are played at the Royal Greens Golf & Country Club, one of the most renowned golf clubs in the Middle East, and a motorsports park is being built as part of the recently developed Lagoona leisure area.


Welcome to Saudi Cultural Hub

Boasting endless views of the tranquil Arabian Gulf, Dammam is a modern metropolis that thrives on its coastal location. Although it is known for its lush green parks, airy waterfronts and sandy beaches, it is highly enjoyable in the winter, too, with daytime temperatures averaging in the low 20s Celsius during the day and around 10 degrees at night. The region also has a growing reputation as an arts, sports and entertainment destination. It is home to the kingdom’s first street-art exhibition, in Al Khobar’s Bayoonya district, and offers a range of cultural hubs and museums as well.

Source: From See & Do, Destinations, Saudi Tourism Authority.