Virtual Card Payment Solutions

In this new era of hassle-free expense management – we partner with Conferma Pay App, the ultimate virtual payment solution for seamless and transparent corporate payments. Say goodbye to the complexities of handling receipts and expense reports, and embrace a world where transactions are effortless and efficient.

Managing finances during corporate trips is one of the most challenging and stressful aspects, hence we believe in empowering your team with tools that make their lives easier. Our mobile app captures every detail of your total spend in a single, intuitive record. This revolutionary feature eliminates the need for cumbersome receipts and time-consuming expense reports. With a simple tap, your expenses are recorded, and the data is seamlessly transmitted to your card program manager, providing accurate insights into individual member spend.

We understand that not every employee has access to corporate cards, but that shouldn’t hinder the seamless flow of payments. The Conferma Pay App caters to every member of your team, ensuring a level playing field when it comes to expense management.

Travel with peace of mind, knowing that your expenses are covered. With the Conferma Pay App, it is the best virtual payment system you can give to your employees. This means your travellers can focus on their journey, leaving the worry of how travel costs will be covered behind. Check out our travel insurance services as well to further cover your travel worries. Sign up with our travel packages and make your business trips smooth and easy-going now!

Virtual Card Payment Solutions

CIT launched a Visa-powered virtual card payment globally via the Conferma Pay App.

Employees can now make virtual-card payments with a tap on their phones, using the Conferma Pay app to provision a virtual commercial card to their phone’s digital wallet.

Conferma Pay’s mobile app captures total spend in a single record (eliminating the need for receipts and expense reports), which, transmitted to the card program manager, offers transparency into individual member spend. 

This solution is now available globally to Visa’s commercial bank clients, enabling employees to use their virtual cards to pay wherever contactless payments are accepted via tap to pay.

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