Let’s explore Rusia with CIT, the largest country in the world, constitutes one-seventh of the world’s landmass and spans eight time zones. The extraordinary country is home to dynamic cities, majestic mountains, extreme climates and rich cultural traditions. This is the country that span two continents: Europe, and Asia. With majority Russia’s population lives in Europe, you can expect to find many ancient walled cities, tall churches, and stunning old-world architecture in destinations like Moscow and St. Petersburg.

For so long, Russia was out of bounds under the Soviet system and many people still think of it as difficult and inaccessible. However, Russia now has opened up tremendously, invited traveler around the world to visit this beautiful country.

Immerse Yourself in History

Russian history reads like fiction, but it is reality. From the Romanovs to Rasputin to the revolution, visiting Russia brings her history alive, whichever period you may be interested in. Imagine meeting a retired KGB colonel, visiting the underground world of a secret cold war bunker, or learning about the space race from the Russian perspective at the museum of Cosmonautics. Go back over 1,000 years to the towns and villages near Moscow, lined with majestic churches dotting the virtually unchanged bucolic landscape, that make up the so called Golden-Ring.

Food and Beverage

Russian cuisine is famous for its festive dishes such as smoked sturgeon balyk, sturgeon with horseradish, slightly salted salmon, red, black and pink caviar, pickled and salted mushrooms. Other popular and traditional dishes include kasha, a mixture of cereals and porridge, soups such as borsch, pancakes, pirogi pies with different salty fillings, and many dough based dishes. Popular daily food are stews, meat and cabbage, as well as goulash, an old traditional meat dish.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest rail journey in the world with spanning 8 time zones and traveling 9,258km (6,152 miles) across the country to a point further east than North Korea. The weeklong journey technically begins in Moscow, but you could also start from St. Petersburg. There’s several different train types to travel on; from budgets open carriages, to high end. It’s the only way to experience the vast interior of the world’s largest country. Make sure you get off the train to explore the stops along the way.


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