The Best Europe Tour Packages from Malaysia

If you’re ready to embark on a remarkable journey across the diverse landscapes, cultures, and histories of Europe, you’re in the right place. Our meticulously crafted travel packages offer you the opportunity to explore the enchanting continent with ease and convenience, ensuring that your European adventure is nothing short of extraordinary.

From the iconic landmarks of major cities to the hidden treasures tucked away in charming villages, our packages are designed to provide you with an immersive experience that captures the essence of Europe. Whether you’re an avid history buff, a culinary enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a relaxing getaway, we have the perfect package to fulfil your desires.

Imagine strolling along the romantic streets of Paris, savouring delectable pastas in the heart of Italy, gazing at the awe-inspiring architecture of Barcelona, or cruising through the stunning fjords of Norway. Our packages have been carefully curated to showcase the best that Europe has to offer, ensuring that you make the most of every moment during your journey.

With expertly planned itineraries, comfortable accommodations, and seamless logistics, all you need to do is pack your bags and get ready to create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re travelling solo, with a loved one, or with a group of friends and family, our Europe Travel Packages cater to your preferences and interests, making every step of your adventure seamless and stress-free.

So, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or venturing beyond your borders for the first time, let CIT be your gateway to an exceptional exploration of this captivating continent. Join us as we take care of the details, giving you peace of mind in payment solutions and corporate travel insurances, allowing you to focus on embracing the beauty, culture, and experiences that Europe has in store for you. Your dream European journey starts here!

Experience the best Europe tour package with us and even plan your business travel to Europe with ease.


07D Magical Switzerland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,709 per person
08D Glorious Switzerland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 4,295 per person
14D Country Roads of Switzerland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 7,268 per person
09D Swiss Delight (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,186 per person
09D Best of Switzerland (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,895 per person
08D Contrasts of Switzerland (by Trafalgar) from USD 4,695 per person



14D Country Roads of Croatia (by Insight Vacations) from USD 4,950 per person



12D Best of Germany (by Insight Vacations) from USD 4,450 per person



07D Scenic Iceland & the Northern Lights (by Insight Vacations) from USD 6,313 per person



08D Italian Intermezzo (by Insight Vacations) from USD 2,350 per person
10D Easy Pace Italy (by Insight Vacations) from USD 4,125 per person
11D Best of Italy (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,996 per person
11D Treasures of Italy (by Insight Vacations) from USD 5,525 per person
10D Best of Italy & Greece (by Trafalgar) from USD 4,165 per person
08D Northern Italy including Cinque Terre (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,595 per person
07D Jewels of Italy (by Costsaver) from USD 1,250 per person
10D Italian Scene (by Costsaver) from USD 1,865 per person



09D Best of Holland (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,475 per person



07D Highlights of Scotland (by G Adventures) from USD 2,599 per person
09D Best of Britain (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,295 per person
09D Country Roads of Scotland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 4,225 per person
07D Focus on Ireland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 2,925 per person
08D Irish Elegance (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,550 per person
12D Country Roads of Ireland (by Insight Vacations) from USD 2,915 per person
06D Real Britain (by Trafalgar) from USD 1,425 per person
07D Best of Scotland (by Trafalgar) from USD 1,850 per person
08D Amazing Britain (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,575 per person
08D Britain and Ireland Highlights (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,850 per person
11D Best of Britain (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,495 per person
07D Irish Highlights (by Trafalgar) from USD 1,725 per person
06D Treasures of Ireland (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,025 per person
08D England And Scotland Heritage (by Costsaver) from USD 1,475 per person
08D Britain and Ireland Delight (by Costsaver) from USD 1,750 per person
12D Britain And Ireland Experience (by Costsaver) from USD 2,587 per person



08D Best of Northern Spain (by G Adventures) from USD 1,999 per person
08D Best of Southern Spain (by G Adventures) from USD 1,999 per person
14D Best of Spain & Portugal (by G Adventures) from USD 3,399 per person
09D Highlights of Spain (by Insight Vacations) from USD 2,995 per person
09D Amazing Spain & Portugal (by Insight Vacations) from USD 2,475 per person
11D Northern Spain (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,795 per person
13D Highlights of Spain and Portugal (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,795 per person
11D Northern Spain (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,125 per person
09D Spanish Wonder (end Barcelona) (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,150 per person
15D Iberian Explorer (by Costsaver) from USD 1,850 per person



08D Paris & Normandy Highlights (by National Geographic Journeys) from USD 2,999 per person
08D Normandy, Brittany & the Loire Valley (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,387 per person
08D Treasures of France including Normandy (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,933 per person
09D Wonderful France (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,250 per person
13D Best of France (by Trafalgar) from USD 4,475 per person



14D The Eastern Discovery (by Insight Vacations) from USD 5,125 per person
10D Easy Pace Budapest, Vienna, Prague (by Insight Vacations) from USD 3,416 per person
08D Christmas Markets of Austria, Germany & Switzerland (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,925 per person
08D European Traveller (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,079 per person
09D London and Paris Explorer (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,295 per person
10D Imperial Europe (by Trafalgar) from USD 2,255 per person
10D Capitals of Scandinavia (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,725 per person
11D Best of Crotia & Slovenia (by Trafalgar) from USD 3,375 per person
15D Highlights of Bohemia (by Costsaver) from USD 1,995 per person