Let’s explore Taiwan with CIT, a small island nation 180km east of China with modern cities, traditional Chinese temples, hot springs resorts, stunning beaches and dramatic mountainous terrain. Taipei, the country’s capital in the north, is known for its busy night markets, Chinese Imperial art at the National Palace Museum and Taipei 101, a 509m-tall, bamboo-shaped skyscraper with an observation deck.

Taiwan is blessed with a diverse range of exquisite beauties, each corner of the island having its own unique scenery filled with local stories and touching moods.

Come visit Taiwan, tour around this beautiful island, experience the uniqueness of island life, and enjoy an encounter with the warm friendliness of the island’s people. Get ready to embark on your Taiwan trip and explore this spectacular East Asian destination.

Food and Drinks

Taiwanese people love to eat. Taiwan offers the wild range of Chinese cuisines, as well as some of the best Japanese outside Japan. There are local specialties like Tainan milkfish and Taipei beef noodles to indigenous barbecued wild boar. Night markets around the island serve never-ending Taiwanese snacks including stinky tofu, steamed dumplings, oyster omelets, shrimp rolls and mango shaved ice. Beverage such as the famous bubble tea, aromatic tea, local craft beer and fresh fruit juices are just some must-try.

The Scenery

Taiwan is incredibly green. No matter where you are, there is always a lush tropical forest around the corner. Home to amazing national parks that boast beaches, mountains, valleys, and even dormant volcanoes, Taiwan has such natural beauty that several major film productions such as ‘Silence‘ and ‘Life of Pi‘ took advantage of its scenery. The capital is surrounded by mountains with Yangmingshan National Park is situated just 12 kilometres from downtown Taipei. The landscape changes dramatically across the island.

Colorful Events

Taiwan’s calendar is packed with fascinating celebrations and holidays. Welcome to join their festivals on flowers, music, fireworks, lanterns, dragon boats, hot springs, hungry-ghost worships, round-the-island cycling tours, international marathons and balloon fiesta and more. These festivals are held one after another throughout a year. No matter which season you visiting Taiwan, there are always fun events to be enjoyed!


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