Let’s explore Vietnam with CIT, Southeast Asian country on the South China Sea known for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Hanoi, the capital, pays homage to the nation’s iconic Communist-era leader, Ho Chi Minh, via a huge marble mausoleum. Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) has French colonial landmarks, plus Vietnamese War history museums and the Củ Chi tunnels, used by Viet Cong soldiers.

The combination of Vietnam’s stunning landscape vastly from hill to coast with its complex cultural history made Vietnam one of the most sought-after destination for all traveler around the world.

Breathtaking Landscape

Vietnam is not short of World Heritage Site: Halong Bay, Phong Nha Ke Bang caves, Hoi An Ancient Street and Cham Islands are all recognized for their intense beauty. Moreover, due to the distinctive landscape of itself, some other non-heritage site equally surprise you further. Da Lat, for example, which is one of the hill village too picturesque to miss. French style villas sitting next to a pine forest, bordered by strawberry garden- you feel like Europe but the market scenes speak otherwise. Coast area like Da Nang, Nha Trang or Mui Ne offer you time-off to soak up the sun with relaxing sea waves. Whether a must-see site or an off-the-beaten-path attraction, you will not be disappointed.

Food and Drink

The Vietnamese are obsessive foodies to the point of conflict; a local from Saigon will disagree vehemently with a Hanoi resident on the proper way to prepare the noodle dish pho. You could taste the difference of North and South from this very tradition noodle. Generally street food is always a trademark of Vietnam. Stop at one of those food stalls on the sidewalk, grab a small plastic stool and sit down whenever you feel comfortable. What you will get next is simply heavenly. From pho noodle soup, spring rolls, banh mi and sticky rice to seafood, Vietnamese food is always tasty, fresh and healthy. Not to mention Vietnamese is blessed with an excellent coffee culture, enjoy a cup of black coffee or iced coffee with condensed milk and watch life goes by on a corner of the street

Rich History

Vietnam is one of the oldest cultures in South East Asia, dating back to 2000 BC, and it has a complicated history starting from its native Dong Son culture and spanning thousands of years. The country has been influenced by Chinese, Khmer, and Indian cultures, as well as French colonialism. Vietnamese culture is complex, diverse and always represents something of a history lesson. Ancient temples display distinctly Chinese influences in the north and Hindu origins in the south. While the remarkable French architecture represented their forgettable period of French colonial. There are also numbers of memorials or museums depicting the inevitable triumph of the Vietnamese nation such the Cu Chi Tunnels, the War Remnants Museum, and the Reunification Palace marks the site where the South Vietnamese government finally submitted to Communist forces.


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