Worry about low energy at work and feeling disconnected with your co-workers and business partner? Adapt to the new normal and reconnect now with Virtual Team Building.

To set up an effective Virtual Team Building activity, you need an experience team, reliable technology, creativity, and an understanding of how to make virtual events. Many traditional team-building exercises such as Treasure Hunt and icebreakers can be adapted to virtual. Each member is on their computer and the team interacts using a web-based video conferencing platform.

Virtual Team Building Ideas

Virtual World Hunt / Amazing race – individuals work in a team from different location or in office to solve cryptic clues in real time event. Each team compete to reach mystery locations, complete team task and /or solve riddles. We can add interesting challenges like Mind Puzzle, Team Photo Challenge, etc

Murder Mystery – a realistic crime scenario is set to the detecting teams and they will be bombarded with a massive amount of information, delivered in a variety of methods (crime scene videos, forensic evidence, autopsy reports and more) which are serve to confuse and mislead the detectives. Their task is to sift through the information to solve the crime. You can also include your company philosophy and values in the scene. How amazing is that!

Escape The Mob – Team race to complete a variety escape room style challenges in this captivating tablet-based online.