16D15N Greenland Great Explorer

15-day expedition cruise, you will follow in the footsteps of the great French explorers who pushed the boundaries of polar navigation from the 19th century onwards.

Sailing date: 28 June – 12 July 2023

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9D8N Fjords & Glaciers in Svalbard

Exclusive offer: Flight Credit RM6,000 per person (selected departures only) + Solo Traveller Offer
* Terms and conditions apply

8-Days expedition cruises discovering the Far North and the immense open spaces of the polar Arctic and its ice floes that extend to the North Pole. And explore some of Spitsbergen’s most beautiful fjords, Hornsurd

Sailing date: 16, 29, 30 May, 05, 06, 20, 26 June, 03 July 2023

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