By Mardiana Lutfi

China has fully reopened its borders, promising recovery of international tourism and travel.

However, getting a visa for China is expensive and time-consuming because biometric data has to be collected at the visa centre. This means that you have to apply in person (at least the first time) in order to be given a visa to visit China.

But now, not anymore!


A Seamless Experience for VVIPs, VIPs, and Royals

By Muja Abdul Aziz

In the ever-evolving landscape of air travel, attention to detail is paramount. Airlines continually strive to improve their systems and services to cater to the diverse needs of their passengers. Malaysia Airlines, known for its commitment to excellence, has recently made a significant enhancement to its system. This enhancement introduces a new structured name title, along with 15 additional titles tailored to VVIPs, VIPs, and Royals. These changes are designed to accommodate the commonly used titles in Malaysia and are set to take immediate effect.


For interstate travel within Malaysia, all passengers must follow the SOPs set by the Ministry of Transport and National Security Council. However, passengers travelling to Sabah and Sarawak are subject to the State Disaster Management Committee’s travelling requirements. We highly encourage passengers to refer to the respective states’ official websites for updated information.