Your epic adventure in Western Australia awaits

By Evory Chong

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

In Western Australia, you can escape from the ordinary and reconnect with something untainted, even a little wild. Discover incredible natural adventures, breathtaking wilderness, and otherworldly phenomena. Western Australia is perfect for adventure lovers. Walk along coastal paths surrounded by bushland and rugged cliffs, or witness colourful wildflowers bursting into bloom, and lose yourself among majestic gorges and landscapes.

1) Cape to Cape Tracking

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Cape to Cape Tracking is a long-distance walking trail located in the southwest part of Western Australia, 250 kilometers (160 miles) south of Perth (Boorloo). The trail meanders along the entire length of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste Ridge, starting at Cape Naturaliste and ending at Cape Leeuwin, giving it the titular name Cape to Cape track. The track offers breathtaking scenery of the Margaret River Region for both long-distance hikers and day trippers, with magnificent clifftop views, pristine sandy beaches, and ancient woodlands. Hikers will pass by Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Sugarloaf Rock, Smiths Beach, Boranup Karri Forest, Redgate Beach, Injidup Beach and Wilyabrup Cliffs.

See these stunning attractions on foot, spending five to seven days exploring the full trail either on your own or with a guide; alternatively, spend a few hours to a day covering a shorter section of the track.

Sugarloaf Rock

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Wilyabrup Cliffs

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

2) Bungle Bungle Range

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime journey at the Bungle Bungle Range, one of Western Australia’s most striking geological formations. Located in the listed World Heritage Site-Purnululu National Park, these remarkable banded domes are well-known for their unique beauty.

Renowned for their distinct banded appearance, the Bungle Bungle Range boasts sandstone domes formed 360 million years ago. Over the past 20 million years, erosion from creeks, rivers, and weathering has sculpted these magnificent formations, creating breathtaking gorges and chasms that paint a surreal landscape.

The contrasting colour palette of the Bungle Bungle Range arises from two factors: cyanobacteria, which thrive on moist sandstone layers, contributing the vibrant orange bands, and oxidized iron compounds, responsible for the contrasting grey bands where moisture dries out too quickly for bacteria to flourish.

Walking in the Park

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

The best way to discover the wonders of the Bungle Bungle Range is by exploring it’s diverse walking trails. These trails cater to all levels, ranging from short strolls to multi-day treks, offering something for everyone. Experience the raw beauty of nature! These natural, unpaved trails offer stunning scenery that will make the trek even more rewarding.

Take a scenic flight

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

You can choose to go on an amazing two-hour scenic flight that passes over the Ord River Irrigation Area, Lake Argyle, the Argyle Diamond Mine, and the Bungle Bungle Range. You will also pass over the breathtaking Carr Boyd Ranges, Osmand Ranges, Ord River, and Bow River.

Camp underneath the stars

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Purnululu National Park is perfect for stargazing thanks to its awe-inspiring remote location. On clear night, view the dazzling nights sky and be in awe of the stars and constellations. The park offers two campgrounds, Walardi and Kurrajong, both accessible from April to December each year. Equipped with toilets and bore water, these campgrounds welcome vehicle-based camping, tents and single-axle off-road towable like camper trailers.

3)  Lakes and Rivers

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Hutt Lagoon – Pink Lake

The waters of Hutt Lagoon range from a vivid bubblegum pink, purple and even crimson, thanks to its microscopic algae and bacteria containing loads of beta-carotene. Capture breathtaking photographs as you drive between Port Gregory and Kalbarri, less than six hours away from Perth via Indian Ocean Drive.

Lake Argyle

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Nestled near Kununurra, Lake Argyle stands as one of the largest artificial lakes in the southern hemisphere. Immerse yourself in the vastness of these wildlife-rich waters by embarking on a thrilling cruise or casting a line for a rewarding fishing experience. To truly experience the immensity of Lake Argyle, take a scenic flight (you can even land on the lake in a float plane!). Or, you can enjoy the sights with a leisurely 40-minute drive from Kununurra to the lake’s shoreline.

A wildlife tour around the lake’s islands will bring you up close to a huge variety of native animals, including fish, wallabies, and over 240 different kinds of birds, which make up over one-third of all known bird species in Australia. Go to the picnic area at the base of the dam wall for a leisurely lunch and to see some wildlife. Then stretch your legs by exploring the extensive system of bushwalking paths, and take your time to immerse yourself in Lake Argyle’s beauty and tranquillity.

Traveling from Kalbarri? You’ll catch glimpses of the lagoon within half an hour. However, the most dramatic encounter comes from a scenic flight out of Geraldton, where the vibrant pink lake and the vast Indian Ocean create a mesmerizing contrast. Mid-morning or sunset on a clear day is the ideal time to visit. Along Port Gregory Road, there are numerous locations where you can stop to enjoy this natural phenomenon. For those who want to stay nearby, pick among farm stays, chalets, beach cottages, and the caravan park.

Rock Wallaby at Lake Argyle

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

4) Find Wildflowers

Image Credit: perthhillsamardale

Araluen Botanic Park

Araluen Botanic Park, which is nestled in the majestic Perth Hills, is a must-see location for both families and nature lovers. With its remarkable array of exotic and rare plants, the park is a visual feast that fascinates people of all ages. The It’s Yates Springtime Tulip Festival is the park’s most famous event, drawing tourists from all over the world to see over 150,000 tulips in bloom in August and September. Equally stunning in the autumn, Araluen Botanic Park will transform into a mystical wonderland as the leaves change color. Araluen is an absolutely stunning and impressive site to visit throughout the year, thanks to its breathtaking surroundings and diverse plant life.

Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Kalbarri National Park

One of the most picturesque destinations in Western Australia is Kalbarri National Park, which offers over 183,000 hectares of outback adventures, spectacular canyons, and beautiful wildflowers. It takes 6.5 hours by car to get from Perth to the seaside town of Kalbarri. Many trips that leave from Perth also include Kalbarri National Park on their itinerary. Experience the breathtaking red sandstone formations made by the tidal flats of an ancient sea 400 million years ago, when the strong Murchison River carved out deep gorges on its way to the ocean. Visitors are able to choose bushwalking, gorge trekking, or canoeing. Go between July and October to catch the wildflower season.

Wildflower in Kalbarri National Park

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5) Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

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The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk offers a completely new perspective to explore the natural world. Rising 40 meters above the forest floor, enjoy the tranquil setting while strolling along the canopy and admiring the majestic tingle trees of Western Australia, which can live for over 400 years. The treetop walk is specifically designed to maximize views of the surrounding tall timbers and heavily forested slopes.

As you stroll along the 600-meter tree top walk, keep an eye out for native birds flitting through the lush greenery, their melodies filling the air. Once you spent some time in this peaceful sanctuary, head down to the Ancient Empire Walk, a boardwalk that leads through centuries-old native eucalyptus trees.

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Image Credit: Tourism Western Australia

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