Student Air Ticket FAQ’s:

1. Am I eligible to purchase a student air ticket?

It is exclusively for students who are furthering study overseas and holding a valid offer letter issued by education institution abroad.

2. My course duration is more than a year and I do not need a return air ticket. Can I just purchase a one-way air ticket?

Yes, provided you have a valid student visa.

3. I am a full-time student and would like to go for a holiday. Am I allowed to purchase a ticket?

No, ticket must be used for study purpose.

4. My parents will be travelling along with me. Do they get to enjoy a special price too?

Yes, we are working closely with major airlines and are able to offer you competitive price.

5. What is required from me and how do I make a booking?

Kindly fill up the enquiry form and our travel expert will be in touch with you soon. To book, passport copy and offer letter are needed.