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Complete protection for students studying overseas, with special features that make it one of the leading student travel products in Malaysia.

Student Assist is an insurance plan that protects and gives you peace of mind to pursue your educational aspirations when you go overseas to study at a recognized education institution.


Tuition Fee reimbursement for study interruption
We’ll reimburse you for the non-refundable portion of your tuition fees paid in advance, in the event of study interruption due for specific reasons.

Medical & personal accident cover
You’ll be reimbursed for medical expenses incurred due to accidental injury or illness sustained when studying overseas.

* Coverage differ according to product & plan.

Sponsor Protection
We provide you financial security in the event of accidental death of your sponsor (the individual who sponsors your study overseas).

Our own global assistance service
A fast and efficient 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team is available to assist you in the event of injury following an accident or if you are ill and require hospital attention abroad.

24-Hour Emergency Travel Assistance

To contact Travel Guard from anywhere in the world, call:

+60 3 2772 5600

Note : Reverse charges calls can be made from some countries.


Frequently Ask Questions.

1. What is this product about?

This policy provides compensation for students studying overseas in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events, emergency evacuation and repatriation, travel inconvenience benefits, study interruption due to unforeseen circumstances arise such as death of parent or guardian who is financing your study.

You will have immediate access to 24-hour worldwide assistance in case of an emergency situation when you are abroad.

This cover can be purchased by a student who will be studying overseas at a registered and accredited educational institution for higher learning.


2. What are the covers / benefits provided?

Please refer to the schedule of benefits in the brochure.

Duration of cover ranges from 6 months, 1 year to 3 years selection.

You need to renew your annual insurance cover annually.


3. How much premium do I have to pay?

(a) Please refer to the premium table in the brochure.
(b) Premium is payable based on period of study
(c) Payment can be made cash, cheque or credit card


4. What are the fees and charges that I have to pay?

Commission is payable up to maximum of twenty five percent and stamp duty of ten malaysian ringgit per policy.


5. What are some of the key terms and conditions that I should be aware of?

(a) Importance of disclosure:
– You must take reasonable care to ensure that all your answers to the questions are full, complete, correct and honest and to the best of your knowledge.
– You also have a duty to inform AIG Malaysia of any change in the information given to us earlier before we issue the policy schedule to you, before you renew or change any of the terms of your policy.
– If you don’t, your policy may be cancelled, or treated as if it never existed, or your claim rejected or not fully paid.

(b) Claims:
(i) All claims must be notified to us within 30 days from the date of loss.
(ii) All supporting documents proving the loss must be submitted 60 days from
the date of loss.
(iii) No claim will be admissible if notified after one year from the date of loss.
(iv) All claims save for medical benefits, evacuation & repatriation benefits,
personal liability benefits (hereinafter referred to as “Other Benefits”) will be
paid to you. Claims in relation to Other Benefits will be paid directly to third
parties, for example Travel Guard, hospitals or other services providers. In
the event of death, claims will be paid to your nominee or estate.

(c) Number of policies:
You can only be covered under one policy in respect of this insurance.

(d) Age:
(i) You must be between the ages of 15 and 45.
(ii) In the event you are below the age of 18, your parent or guardian shall be the
policyholder of this policy.
(iii) Your age will be based on the age as at your last birthday.

(e) Renewal:
You may renew your policy with the consent from AIG from term to term by payment of the premium in advance.

(f) Coverage:
Coverage shall commence 12 hours prior to departure from Malaysia and expires on the earliest:
(i) upon the expiry of the period of insurance; or
(ii) 12 hours from time of arrival in Malaysia unless Malaysia is a point of transit
subject to a maximum period of 6 months from the date studies are
completed; or
(iii) the date when an emergency medical evacuation or repatriation of mortal remains is made back to Malaysia.


6. What are the major exclusions under this policy?

This policy does not cover death or injury caused by or to :

(a) Members of the armed forces, professional sportsmen, while carrying firearms provided that is required by the occupation and legal
(b) Engaging in manual works, offshore activities like diving and oil-rigging or mining or handling explosives.
(c) Suicide or intentional self inflicted injuries or an attempt to do so while being sane or insane.
(d) During air travel unless as a fare paying passenger in a licensed private or
commercial aircraft.
(e) Violation of law and any payment that would violate any government prohibition or regulation.
(f) Intoxication or drug related accident.
(g) Mental or nervous disorders.
(h) Medical or physical abnormalities existing at birth including neo natal physical abnormalities developing 6 months from birth, hernias and epilepsy unless caused by trauma.
(i) Condition where you have reasonable knowledge of in the 90 days prior to your policy effective date:
– had received or is receiving treatment; or
– medical advise, treatment care or diagnosis has been recommended; or
– symptoms are or were evident; or
– the condition is apparent.
(j) Acquired Immune Deficient Syndrome (AIDS), Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV).
(k) Driving or riding in a motorized vehicle in any type of race.
(l) Nuclear, chemical or biological materials
(m) War
(n) Cover or service for: –
– Any loss, injury, damage or legal liability arising directly or indirectly from planned or actual travel in, to or through Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, or the Crimea region; and
– Any loss, injury, damage or legal liability suffered or sustained directly or indirectly by yourself if you are a terrorist, a member of a terrorist organisation, a narcotics or a purveyor of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.
(o) The Insurer shall not be deemed to provide cover and the Insurer shall not be liable to pay any claim or provide any benefit hereunder to the extent that provision of such cover, payment of such claim or provision of such benefit would expose the Insurer, its parent company or its ultimate controlling entity to any sanction, prohibition, or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws, or regulations of the European Union or the United States of America

Note: This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the policy for the full list of exclusions.


7. Can I cancel my policy?

(a) You may cancel your policy by giving us 30 days written notice by the way of A.R. registered mail.
(b) We can cancel this policy with effect from the 1st day of the calendar month. Your cover will continue for the duration that the premium has been paid for.
(c) You will be entitled to a refund of the premium on a pro-rata basis for the unexpired period of coverage.


8. What do I need to do if there are changes to my contact / personal details?

It is important that you inform us of any change in your life profile including your occupation which would affect the risk profile.

At your convenience, you can now do the following updates online here:
1. Mailing Address
2. Email Address
3. Contact Number


9. Where can I get further information?

Should you require additional information about this policy, please refer to the insuranceinfo booklet on “Personal Accident Insurance”, available at all our branches or you can obtain a copy from the insurance agent or you may obtain a copy from the insurance agent.


10. Other related FAQ

View the list of Student Assist FAQs.



1. Am I eligible for the cover?

If you are between 15 to 45 years old, who is enrolled and attending a registered and accredited education institution for higher learning, outside your home country, you are eligible. (for student who is above 15 years old and below 18 years old, parents and guardian shall enter into the contact of policy)


2. Will I need to pay for medical fees incurred?

For outpatient claim, you are required to pay first and submit your original medical bills to AIG for reimbursement later. On the other hand, for inpatient claim, you may call our 24 hours 7 days dedicated line: 603-27725633 for assistance.


3. Can my parents/friends (other than students) buy Student Assist?

They may purchase Travel Assist, which is meant for leisure travel. It is available in single trip or annual plan, for those who travels frequently.


4. How do I pay for the insurance?

Please fill in the direct debit form and we shall charge it to your credit card, you may also pay by cash.


5. If I am traveling in 3 months time, do I only buy the insurance 3 months later?

You can purchase now, your coverage will only commence upon your departure for study from Malaysia.


6. Can I purchase the Optional Benefit only?

No, it has to be purchased with the primary plan and additional premium is required.


7. Can I purchase Student Assist after I depart from Malaysia for my studies?

No. You must purchase the policy prior to departing from Malaysia


8. I have purchased Student Assist Plan to further my study in Australia and my spouse will be following me over. Can Student Assist Plan cover her too?

No, because there is no family cover provided in this plan. However, you can purchase our Travel Assist Global Travel Protection which can cover your spouse up to 210 days.



9. When does coverage becomes effective?

Your coverage starts 12 hours prior to your departure from Malaysia


10. How long is the period of coverage?

You can choose to be covered for 6 months, 1 yr, 2 yrs or 3 yrs
(you can renew your policy if your coverage expires)


11. If I courier/freight some personal belongings to the country of study before my departure, will those properties be covered in case of loss/damage?

No, only luggage & personal effects that the Insured travels with (ie, accompanying luggage) will be


12. I am having high blood pressure. Can I be covered under this Insurance plan during my study period? Can I claim for medical/hospital and other related expenses if I need treatment while on my study period?

No. We do not cover any pre-existing condition i.e. any illnesses or injury for which

  • you have received or are receiving treatment; and
  • medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment has been recommended to you; or
  • clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; and
  • the existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances.
    occurring within ninety (90) days period prior to the policy effective date.


13. If during my break, I decide to come back to Malaysia, will I be able to seek for medical treatment in Malaysia for an illness or accident that occurred in Malaysia?

Yes, you are only covered up to sixty (60) days from the time of arrival in Malaysia.


14. I have decided to travel to another country for holidays during my semester break, am I covered?

Yes, but you are only covered up to sixty (60) consecutive days outside the Country of Study


15. Can I continue my medical treatment in Malaysia for injuries sustained overseas?

Yes. You will be reimbursed for the Medically Necessary Expenses incurred up to sixty (60) days from the
time of arrival in Malaysia.


16. Are dental expenses covered?

Dental expenses are covered as long as they are direct consequence of an accident.


17. What does the Study Interruption benefit cover?

This benefit reimburses the tuition fees which has already been paid for the remaining period of the term
semester due to:

  • hospitalization for fourteen (14) or more consecutive days, as a result of a Covered Condition; or
  • Injury or Sickness certified by the Doctor, Physician or Surgeon as being life threatening and is
  • highly likely to lead to death within twelve (12) consecutive months; or
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation; or
  • the death of an Immediate Family Member.


18. In what circumstances am I entitled for the benefit under Felonious Assault?

Felonious Assault covered under this policy must meet the following criteria:

  • a result of Robbery or Snatch Theft; or
  • a criminal act of violence which shall include but is not limited to Hijacking, assault, murder or civil disturbance; and
  • inflicted upon the Insured by individuals other than:
    • i. the students of the Education Institution where the Insured is studying;
    • ii. the Insured’s Immediate Family Member; or
    • iii. any individual who resides with the Insured on a permanent basis.


19. If my father is sick & require hospitalisation in Malaysia, what benefits will I be entitled for?

You will be covered under the Compassionate Visit benefit, provided that your father is hospitalized for
five(5) or more consecutive days. We shall reimburse you the reasonable expenses incurred for your

  • accommodation;
  • communication;
  • economy class travel fare and travel expenses at the place of loss; and
  • • meals.


20. How do you define "Immediate Family Member"?

Immediate Family Member shall refer to your legal spouse, biological/legally adopted/step child,
biological/legally adopted/step parent, and their siblings, parents-in-law, grandparent, grandchild, sibling,
sibling-in-law, niece or nephew.


21. What do I do if I need emergency assistance services abroad?

If you need emergency assistance services during your trip, these are the steps you need to follow:

  • 1. Call 24-Hour travel assistance hotline at 603-2772 5633 *

 * For call collect service, you are required to contact the local Telecommunication Operator to connect you to 603-2772 5633

  • 2. For verification purposes, please provide the following:
    • Policy Number
    • Name
    • Identification Card / Passport Number
  • 3. Inform them on the assistance needed



22. Can I also claim under Personal Accident benefit if in the event of felonious assault?



23. Can I claim lost of luggage, if it was left in my campus?

No, if you have not taken all reasonable care and precaution to safeguard your property.


24. Will I be covered if my belongings are pick-pocketed while studying overseas?

No, because you did not take reasonable care and precautions for the safeguard and security of your


25. How I do claim while I’m overseas?

Please fill in a duly completed Travel claim form that can be located in www.aig.com.my and courier all your
original receipts to your parents in Malaysia for them to submit the claim to us, or you can call our 24 hours by
7 days dedicated line: 603-27725633 (reverse charge call) to submit your documents within 30 days after an

For home delivery, you may attention to :
AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad
Customer Service
Menara Worldwide,
No. 198, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Customer Care –
Tel : 1800 8888 11
Fax : 03-2685 4896
Email : AIGMYCare@aig.com



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