We are a One-Stop Student Travel Centre!

Travelling as a group when you are a student is definitely one of the most exciting travel experiences you can have. CIT also offers unbeatable student deals through our all-inclusive student vacation packages! We specialise in student travel by extending the following services: competitive student airfares, hotels and tours reservation, pre-departure briefing, student travel insurance and more. To know more about our all-inclusive student vacation packages, send us an enquiry today!

1. Who is eligible for student airfares?

Anyone aged between 18 – 30 years old who intends to study abroad with valid education institution’s acceptance letter or equivalent.

2. What are the benefits offered to qualified student?

You are entitled up to 40-46 kg baggage allowance at discounted airfares with a ticket validity up to one year (for a return ticket).

3. Should I book one way or two-way (return) ticket?

As most tickets conditions allow maximum stay up to one year, it’s normally cheaper to book a return ticket if you are returning to Malaysia within one year. Otherwise return ticket will be forfeited.

4. What documents are required to book?

Passport copy with at least 6 months validity and acceptance letter issued by education institution.

5. Do I need to wait until student visa is approved to book?

You can book without student visa.

6. How much is the booking fee?

It is free of charge to make a booking prior to payment.

7. Do you charge any cancellation fee for booking made?

It’s free of charge to cancel a booking prior to payment.

8. How long can I hold a booking before I have to pay?

It depends on airlines and your departure date.

9. How do I make payment?

We accepts bank transfer or credit card (Visa & Master).

10. I am not sure about my returning date to Malaysia yet, can I leave the return date open?

Open date is not allowed by airlines. However you are allowed to change the date. Please note airfare or taxes difference may apply if any.

11. My parents wish to travel together, is this possible?

Yes. Please obtain approval here prior to purchasing ticket. We can help to search for best adult airfares.

12. Do you have travel insurance specially for student?

Yes. In addition, you can enjoy extra discounts whenever you purchase with air ticket.

13. What does student travel insurance cover?

Travel with peace of mind as you are medically covered within and outside country of study and during trip back to Malaysia for a short holiday.

Other key coverage includes study interruption, sponsor protection, compassion visit and many more. However covid-19 related claims are not covered at the moment.

For more info, please visit AIG Travel Student Policy


Given the rapidly evolving nature of the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, traveller is solely responsible to make own independent inquiries on the necessary travel documents for the intended trip.

CIT strives to assist in providing most updated information on travel regulations / restrictions. However, CIT shall not in any event be held liable for any errors, omissions, claims, losses, expenses (including legal expenses) and damages directly or indirectly relating to the denial of admission at the port of entry due to non-compliance of document requirements, government restrictions and policies, border control / closures or any other situation beyond our control due to the evolving situation.