Exploring Jeddah’s Finest: 7 Must-Do Activities Perfect for Families!

By Muja Aziz

Now that school holiday is around the corner, we bet that many of you are now busy planning your next holiday trip, right? If you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure, we’d suggest Jeddah in Saudi, a city that is brimming with rich history and culture as well as show-stopping sights.

Jeddah isn’t just Saudi Arabia’s commercial heart; it’s also turning into a hot spot for fun-seeking tourists! The port city is known as the gateway to Makkah due to its proximity to the holy city, while Jeddah itself is a bustling place with top-class hotels, fabulous dining and exciting attractions.

From awe-inspiring historical landmarks to serene natural retreats that provide inspiration, here are seven must-do activities that illustrate why Jeddah is such a desirable family-travel destination!

1. Go on a boat trip, dive to a shipwreck and snorkel in the Red Sea

A visit to Jeddah would be incomplete without a trip out on the water, and rejoice as there are loads of options at the Red Sea. For an adrenaline-pumping experience, hop on a speed boat trip and see the stunning coastline from the sea. Also get ready to make the most of your time as there are plenty of dive companies to choose from and you can even explore historic shipwreck not too far off the coast.

2. Shop till you drop at Souk al-Alawi and Al-Balad

Located in the heart of the city, the ancient district of Al-Balad holds the prestigious title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and exudes a vibrant atmosphere. Make your way to Souk Al-Alawi to browse for souvenirs such as jewellery, fabrics, artwork, and various treasures. Don’t forget to bring your top-notch bargaining abilities to score a great deal.

3. Take a trip to the tallest fountain in the world, King Fahd’s Fountain

When it comes to Jeddah’s star attraction, King Fahd’s Fountain takes the crown! King Fahd Fountain is the tallest of its kind in the world and shoots a stream of water 312m in the air. The beloved landmark is more than 30 years old and stands in the Corniche. It’s stunning day or night, but for the best show head along after dark to see it lit up in all its glory.

4. Scream at Al Shallal Theme Park

White-knuckle fan? Al Shallal Theme Park is spread over a huge 60,000sqm on the Corniche and is a popular day out for all ages. The park offers a wide array of rides, each catering to different levels of excitement, and there’s even a dedicated zone for the youngest visitors. Be ready to get soaked on Amazon – the popular indoor flume. Hands in the air, team!

5. Check out marine life at Fakieh Aquarium

Head under the sea – on land at Fakieh Aquarium. Explore an impressive collection of over 200 sea creatures, including rays, turtles, sharks, and the mesmerizing coral reefs.

6. Chill at Al-Saif Beach or Jeddah Waterfront Park

Al-Saif Beach is a popular spot for families due to its shallow waters, making it an ideal spot for flying kites. Otherwise, lace up your sneakers and take a leisurely stroll along Jeddah Waterfront Park. It’s a fantastic way to see the city and the coastline, as it stretches along the Corniche. The Corniche is home to beaches, parks, coffee shops and playgrounds. It’s a delightful place to soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Jeddah while basking in the sunshine.

7. Visit Nassif House (Bait Nassif) and walk through Bab Makkah

One of the oldest and best-restored coral houses in Al-Balad is Nassif House Museum, built for the merchant Omar Effendi Nassif in 1881. It’s where King AbdulAziz Ibn Saud stayed during his visits to the city and has been transformed into a museum. It has a huge tree outside, which was the only tree in the city until the 1920s. While in Al-Balad, you can see Bab Makkah (Makkah Gate) – the gate to the historical city of Mecca where billions of pilgrims have walked in years gone by.

Now that you’ve uncovered the treasures Jeddah has to offer, it’s time to start planning your next family adventure! Whether you’re seeking thrilling boat rides, immersive cultural experiences, or heart-pounding amusement park fun, Jeddah has it all. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore this historic and vibrant city. For more details on these fantastic activities and other exciting travel insights, make sure to check out our website. Your next unforgettable family vacation awaits in Saudi!

Image & Article Source: Visit Saudia Travel Guide