Luxury Travel in Dubai: The Ultimate Guide to Experiencing the City’s Extravagance

By Yiru Teo

The city of Dubai in Middle East is a wonder to behold – it’s often associated with glam, luxury and fashion. The city has everything for luxury enthusiasts. The city has everything for luxury enthusiasts. Here is a to-do-list in Dubai that offers you the ultimate luxury. What Dubai has to offer will leave travellers impressed.

Explore the Dubai Marina on a Private Yacht

How about travelling through Dubai’s hidden beauties in a gorgeous vintage yacht? Enjoy the journey of a lifetime while you sail on the yacht to explore Dubai. Plus, there is less traffic on the water, allowing you to admire the city’s skyline and spectacular structures like the Burj Al Arab and the Palm Jumeirah. Not only that, you can also enjoy swimming while the yacht stops and sightsee the scenery of Dubai. And if you visit Dubai in the summer, the temperature in the city might reach up to 40°c but it can be at least a few degrees cooler out at sea.

Take a Private Helicopter Tour

For those who want to have an unforgettable experience in Dubai, taking a private helicopter tour is a must. By taking the private helicopter tour, you can enjoy the thrill of a helicopter ride while getting an unrivalled aerial perspective of Dubai. There is nothing more exhilarating than viewing the most well-known attraction from above. You might want to visit all of the attractions at once, as every new discovery you make about Dubai is more fascinating than the last. Therefore, the best and only way to do is to take a helicopter tour of the city. You won’t regret experiencing a private helicopter tour in Dubai, and it will be a precious memory.

Get Behind the Wheel of a Supercar to Tour the City

Dubai is the place to be if you have ever fantasised about driving a high-end car that you can only see in movies, music videos, or posts from your favourite athletes or musicians. Dubai’s streets are notable for their constant procession of luxury automobiles. You might even see the police force patrolling in Lamborghinis in the city of Dubai. In Dubai, you can choose from hundreds of super car models and treat yourself to an adrenaline-filled drive on the city’s magnificent smooth roadways. This is a chance for you to rent the ideal automobile at Dubai.

Luxury Desert Safari Dubai

One of the greatest ways to see the beauty of Dubai desert, including its wildlife, Bedouin culture, and exciting site-specific sports, is through a desert safari. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is located 45 minutes from the city and the trip includes a private vehicle tour of the desert with an expert driver and guide. There is no better image than the scenery of Dubai’s skyscrapers behind the enormous dunes and the sun setting. Besides, you will be treated to a classic Flaming Sans of Arabia spectacle, and a camel ride while on the desert safari.

Dubai World Cup

We’re not discussing football here. We’re discussing horse racing. Since 1996, the Dubai World Cup has been the absolute high point of Dubai’s horseracing season. Meydan Racecourse is home to the Dubai World Cup which is one of the most luxury horse races in the world. From November through the end of March, the biggest names in horse racing complete in nine races at the 2000m racecourse. Besides, a stable tour is enjoyable for everybody even if you’re not a big fans of horse races. Of course, you have a chance to visit the jockey’s dressing room and the stables themselves.

Dine at At.Mosphere

The pinnacle of luxury is experiencing a meal at the tallest restaurant in the world. Enjoy a private dining experience at the At.Mosphere restaurant, overlooking the stunning Dubai skyline. The At.Mosphere is located at Level 122 of the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest structure. Explore the absolutely delicious delights of the Arabian Gulf at this restaurant. Dine in elegance among the clouds day or night and be amazed by the ambiance and cuisine. At.Mosphere is also the best place to see the sunset.

Luxury Spa in Dubai

The world’s top luxury spas are located in Dubai. So, this is the reason why the world travels to Dubai to unwind. There are several spas to choose from, including five-star establishments, neighbourhood favourites and traditional Arabian havens. During your vacation at Dubai, you can easily slip into a blissful state of relaxation due to their excellent service and value. If you get a chance to visit Dubai, do try out the luxury spa to enhance your whole journey and you won’t disappointed with the experience.

Shop at The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is the world’s largest destination for shopping, entertainment and leisure. Therefore, take a chance to visit Dubai Mall. The pinnacle of luxurious shopping is found at the Dubai Mall. There are a staggering 1200 retail establishments and restaurant. Besides, a 22-theatre multiplex cinema is located on the top floor. The largest virtual reality park in the UAE and the exclusive VR park are also housed in the Dubai Mall. There are stunning shops with gold accents that carry high-end designer and brand names. Four exclusive levels of retail outlets await you in the most sumptuous environment, from the stunning waterfall with the statues of divers in the foyer to the amazing Underwater Zoo and Aquarium. You’ll be impressed by the decoration of the Dubai Mall.